All-inclusive tour Winter

You arrange plane tickets and make bookings. We provide you with a general outline of an all-inclusive program for your 3-5 day trip that includes airport pickup, accommodation, food, winter activities like snowshoeing, snowmobile tours, guiding and transportation to other destinations and experience a dark winter night with northern lights over the cabin roof or a stormy day

Here’s a suggested itinerary:

  • Transportation from the airport in Lakselv
  • If the weather permits, embark on an evening Northern Lights snowshoeing tour to the nearest lake, where you can witness the magical aurora borealis.
  • Participate in an ice fishing excursion. Head to the nearby fishing lake and set up an ice fishing tent.
  • Dog sledding adventure up the beautiful Kokelvdal valley.
  • Guided tour at the local Sea Sami museum
  • Guided tour along the tourist road in Havøysund and dinner at the restaurant (depends on the weather conditions)
  • Guided tour to North Cape and dinner at the restaurant
  • Explore the scenic surroundings of Kokelv with on snowmobile tour to the coast to Revsneshamn or over the mountain to Skaidi.
  • Sauna and hot tub


  • 3 day tour: NOK 14.800 per person (min 2 – max 4 persons)
  • 5 day tour: NOK 24.800 per person (min 2 – max 4 persons)