Luxury cabin by the river

View from the waterfall

Just on the opposite side of the river, you will find our luxury cabin. This is a perfect place for 8-10 adults or for a family with children with 3-4 bedrooms. One one of the rooms is actually a TV room with a double sofa bed, but this is a perfect room for entertainment.

In this cabin, you can inside in the living room watching the northern lights through the large windows while enjoying a glass of wine. You will never get closer to the wild nature than from this living room. If you want to experience a stormy day so far north, this must be the place to be. We can have hot summer nights and stormy winter nights. Both can be a memory you never will forget!

If you come from abroad, the easiest way to get here is to fly to Alta and rent a car. Getting from Alta to Kokelv is about 2 hours. You can access by car to the front of the entrance area. The house contains 2 bedrooms with king size beds, 1 bedroom with 4 bunk beds and a TV room with a double sofa bed.

Some more images from the cabin